AssaultSomeday / Need more room. I'm not sure why, but I always loved this one in the arcades. Once again, unique control structure that would make this a good one to own. Assault fits this as well. Great tank game.
Punch Out!!Someday / Need more room. There are rumblings of a project to join Punch Out!! and Super Punch Out!! on one board. Ideally I would have a single cabinet with both games. As with the other dedicated games I own, there is a unique structure that can't be duplicated by a MAME set-up; this time its the dual monitors in the cab. It's never been done to the best of my knowlege, but the ideal set-up would be to have both Punch-Outs and Arm Wrestling in one cab.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Someday / Need more room - I'd love to get MK1 and 2, along with UMK3 all in a single cabinet. MK2 was probably the version I played the most in the arcades, but I loved UMK3 also. I can't decide if I'd like a dedicated cabinet with original boards and a Jamma switcher, or a MAME cab.
Dragon's Lair - Someday / Need more room. This one mesmerized me when I first saw it in the arcade. I never played it much, but loved watching intro cycle. The artwork and cabinet are great. If one laser disc game is to be added to a collection, its got to be this one.
Area 51 - Maximum Force DuoSomeday / Need more room. My wife hates just about everything to do with video and arcade games...except for Area 51. She will play it any time she can, so someday I'd love to add it to the collection, and would love to have both of these games in the single cab.
720 Scoring Questions
I'm always searching for the logic behind the blue bonus flags in 720. If anyone knows the exact reason they pop up (pattern, previous park performance, certain jump requirements, etc) please let me know!!!

I've heard there are some tricks/glitches in 720 that allow you to score points extremely fast. I think this is on the ramp. Does anyone know how to do this? If so, please contact me. How do I know there are tricks? If you've played 720 for any length of time you know that a normal score for finishing the game is around 300,000 points.
Check out the high scores that were on my machine when I got it.

1. I've discovered the ramp lip trick and can readily bump my score up to the Bronze metal before the ramp timer begins!
2. I've since discovered one glitch that allows a virtually unlimited high score - See here.
3. I've also received many great responses and tips which are now inlcuded on the Glitches section of the Strategy Page.
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William's Multigame - Someday / Need more room - I really like this custom board by Arcadeshop, which allows you to play Robotron, Joust, Defender, Stargate, Bubbles and Splat!. I'd like to get one of these cabinets and build this set into it.