Killer List of Video Games: - The definitive listing of arcade games. - Game description, music, screenshots, technical Info, strategies, trivia, tips, production staff and more.
Video Arcade Preservation Society - Searchable, database of collected games generated and updated by collectors - linked to the KLOV game database.
Wikipedia 720 Degrees Listing - 720 article in the user generated web encyclopedia.
Forums - International Arcade Museum - KLOV - VAPS - Forums for all things related to arcade game collecting. An excellent resource.
Ataricade 720 Restoration - Article by Francis Mariani about his 720 restoration. I've played it in person, and believe it to be the nicest 720 in existence. Unfortunately the original site is closed. The linked archive is missing many of the images.
Arcade Restoration Workshop - Huge site with tons of resources for the restoration and preservation of arcade games.
Twin Galaxies: The Official Electronic Scoreboard - The definitive authority for world record high scores for arcade, and just about every game platform. - Home of the Luna City Arcade - The games were sold off in 2010, but was one of the most impressive classic home arcades ever.
Ataricade - This site was dedicated to Francis Mariani's collection of rare Atari games in perfect condition, as well as classic gaming news and the Quantum Registry. The main site has been taken down, but an archive exists.
Arcade Crusade - Matt's site details his collection, as well as allowing users to upload their own. Also contains an extensive high score submission section.
The Garcade - "Most people park cars in their garage...."  Joe Senigaglia turned his into an amazing game room.
Rad Arcade - Great collector's page with plenty of pictures, links, and an chronology/record of games bought and sold.
Richie Knucklez - This could be listed in the vendor/business section, as Richie's collection is open for rent and parties, but I know he's a collector and player first.
Pheonix Arcade - The place to go for 720 reproduction side art, boom box overlay and control panel overlay, as well as many other reproductions including a full set of Tron art. Very high quality products and excellent service. - Online store selling tons of NOS and repro parts. I've purchased - Ultra fast shipping, amazing quality parts and excellent packing job.
This Old Game - High Quality Silk Screened Reproduction Arcade Game Art. The Only Source for the "720 Ultimate Aerial Experience" decal.
The Real Bob Roberts - Bob sells arcade related electronics. His site has tons of reference information and he is a first class businessman.
Happ Controls - Sells arcade hardward. I purchased my 720's replacement coin door from them.
Arcadeshop Amusements - Source for many misc arcade replacement parts.
Quarter Arcade - Seller of arcade games and accessories such as the 720 Manual and other item.
720 Zone Home
Coinopspace - Forums, game specific groups, creator chats and tons of content for all things related to arcade game collecting. Another excellent resource.
Coinopspace 720 Group - Information, links and discussions related to 720.
720 Listing on the Killer List of Video Games - 720 technical & collection information.
Arcade Classics - Jon Jamshid's classic arcade and console gaming site.
Twisted Quarter - Seller of arcade part. I've personally received excellent customer service.
Mikes Arcade - Seller of arcade parts, art, cabinets and related services. I've personally received excellent customer service.
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720 Art & Spare Parts
General Arcade Collecting Links
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Twin Galaxies 720 Arcade Listing - World record and official game settings.
Have a link you would like added? Please contact me.
Elektron Forge - Alex Yeckley does high quality, professional PCB repair. My Quantum PCB had many issues and came back perfect. does extremely high quality work. I've purchased all of the 720 reproduction pieces both for my 720 and a complete set for a spare. They are perfect in every way, and communication and customer service are first class.
720 ART & SPARE PARTS LINKS takes on all kinds of arcade art reprodution projects and the results are always high quality. After years of 720 collectors having yellowed Ultimate Aerial Experience nameplates, this piece was finally reproduced and we could all finish our 720s. TOG Also offers the complete 720 Vinyl Package.
Chris Rhodes - - has finally made brand new replacement 2 1/4" Ribbed Black T-Molding available. For years the large piece of T-Molding that surrounds the base of the 720 cabinet has eluded collectors. I had a small line about the molding on my want page for at least 6 years. Thanks to Chris for getting this project done. The 2 1/4" Ribbed Black T-Molding is also used for Major Havoc.
Edit: Chris is liquidating his stock, but I still see this molding on Ebay very often. has a variety of NOS and reproduction 720 joystick parts available via their web site and Ebay listings. has made available a Replacement Flyback unit for the wells gardner 25" 25K5515 Medium-Resolution arcade monitor board set used in 720.
ClassicArcadeCollecting - Joe (Krajkerjac) has an awesome collection of games and an upcoming site.
720 Locations at - A site with user reported instances of 720 in public locations. - A site with user updated lists of classic games in public locations. Check it out to see where your favorite game might be.
The Electronic Playground - A huge database of arcade, computer, video and handheld games in TV shows and movies.
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